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Как подменить MAC-адрес в Windows 98? Версия для печати
Написал Ярослав Гасов   

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  1. Goto Start->Run, type "Winipcfg"

  2. Select your ethernet card and record the MAC address

  3. Goto Start->Run, type "regedit" to bring up registry editor.  Make sure you backup your registry in case you screw up.  If you screw up important registry entries, you may damage your computer system.  Again, MAKE SURE you have a good backup of your registry entry!

  4. Locate "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\Net".  It should have subkeys like "0000", "0001", "0002" and so on.

  5. Click on each subkey that starts with "0000" and determine your Ethernet card by looking at "DriverDesc" key.  If it did not match, then goto "0001", "0002" and so on...

  6. Once you got the right NIC card,

    1. Click on dropdown menu Edit->New->String Value.

    2. Name the new string "networkaddress" and click OK.

    3. Double-click on the new "networkaddress" string and you will be prompted for "Value data"

    4. Enter the new MAC address you want to assign.  The MAC address you enter should be a 12 digit number with NO "-", i.e. "00C095ECB761"

  7. Here are 2 ways to activate the new MAC address:

    1. If you have regular internal Network Interface Card:

      1. Reboot your system

    2. If you have PCMCIA Card, you can do the following without rebooting (Thanks to Andrew McGlashan for his input):

      1. Open winipcfg

      2. Select card and release the DHCP settings

      3. Close winipcfg

      4. Open "PC Card (PCMCIA)" -in control panel or on the task bar if set

      5. Stop the card

      6. Eject the card

      7. Re-insert the card

      8. Open winipcfg

      9. Select card and renew the DHCP settings

  8. Verify the new MAC address with "WinIPCFG"

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